1.2/1.5/2mm White/grey/blue/customized Color Anti UV Roof/garden Homogeneous/fiberglass Reinforced PVC Self Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

PVC composite self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, using a layer of polymer materials PVC resins

Product Details

1.2/1.5/2mm white/grey/blue/customized color anti UV roof/garden homogeneous/fiberglass reinforced PVC self adhesive waterproofing membrane

self adhesive PVC waterproof membrane     

PVC composite self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, using a layer of polymer materials PVC resins and additives and SBS rubber bitumen composite, both excellent properties of PVC membrane, but also self-adhesive membrane characteristics. Double waterproof greatly improving the waterproof layer waterproof effect, the construction of grass-roots must be flat, solid, no glitches, cannot afford to sand, not loose, no water, energy base construction in wet, cold conditions, the use of hot air welding seams truly become a seamless waterproof layer.


Excellent anti-aging property.

Puncture- resistant.

Welding construction,

High tensile strength, good elongation, good dimensional stability.

Good plasticity.

It has self-extinguishing from fire property.

Materials surface is smooth, fast color, stain resistance.

More wide, Wastage become less when being used. 


Item         Specification
Length         20m
Width       1m
Thickness     1.2mm;1.5mm;2.0mm

Remark: Specification can be customized as requirement.

Specification for PVC Self-Adhesive Bituminous Waterproof Membrane

PVC Self-Adhesive 


Waterproof Membrane


Breaking Tensile

Strength (N/5cm)

2Breaking Elongation≥200%
3Tear Resistance        ≥60 N

0.3Mpa, 30 Minutes,

No leakage

5Heat Resistance      ≥70℃

Low Temperature


7Shear Performance  (N/mm)

Self-adhesive surface

and self-adhesive surface

4.0 or bonding 

surface fracture

Self-adhesive surface 

and aluminum plate

4.0 or bonding 

surface fracture

8Peel Strength   (N/mm)

1.5 or bonding

surface fracture


Bond strength

with cement mortar    (N/mm)

Shear Performance

6.0 or bonding

surface fracture

Peel Strength

2.0 or bonding

surface fracture

10Artificial aging

Retention rate of 


Tensile strength


Retention rate of 

Gel breaking 


11Hot air aging(80℃*168h)

Retention rate of 

breaking Tensile strength


Retention rate of Gel breaking 



Alkali resistance

[10%Ca(OH)2  Room temperature*168h]

Retention rate of breaking

Tensile strength


Retention rate of Gel 

breaking elongation

13Ozone aging (40℃*168h)  200pphmNo cracks


Self adhesive -allows installation without the use of heating torches while providing a fully bonded membrane system Uniform thickness -eliminates any likelihood of thin application commonly found with liquid applied membranes Contains a polythene membrane for extra strength, puncture resistance and dimensional stability

Application method:  

Use scope:

All kinds of roof .eg steel structure roof, planted roof and so on.

Underground engineering, such as building basement, subways, tunnels, air Raid shelter, etc. 

Other projects like artificial lake, dam, water reservoir, grain storehouse, etc.

Two layers:

One layer is PVC membrane, 0.7mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm

One layer is self-adhesive bitumen with release film.


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