White/blue/orange/green/purple/yellow/red/customized Color Logo PP PE Compound/laminated Nonwoven Bathroom/washroom Root Resistance Waterproofing Membrane

It can bond with many kinds of adhesions, firm and secure. In case of cementbase, cementations

Product Details

White/blue/orange/green/purple/yellow/red/customized color logo PP PE  compound/laminated Nonwoven Bathroom/washroom Root resistance Waterproofing Membrane 

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number:FH-PEPP2
Weight:200g to 1200g per square meters
Width:1.2m to 1.5m
Length:100m / roll, 50m / roll
Packaging Details:Tape Plastic Bag
Minimum Order Quantity:100 square meters
Delivery Time:7 days after order confirmation
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/P, or others
Price:FOB Qingdao USD1.00-5.00/sqm
Supply Ability:1 million square meters per month

polythene rolls for construction and building PP+PE compound waterproofing membrane due to the use of high strength polyester material, surface heat sealing layer after many years of production experience, adopted to control the special formula, and has good tensile strength, the suitable friction coefficient and good flatness, better adaptability, ensure the mechanization in high speed walking machine in the safe and smooth operation. It can bond with many kinds of adhesions, firm and secure. In case of cementbase, cementations agent can be used, the cementations agent can easily enter into the nonwoven felt layer, forms a wellcombination with cement after solidification, permanent durability.


a) Non-toxic, tasteless, and environment friendly 

b) Good aging resistant, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion 

c) Excellent flexibility, high tensile strength, anti-puncture and rooting resistance

d) Can be carried out construction in wet screed-coat, saving constructing time

e) Easy and fast installation


a) Roofs of civil buildings

b) Basements, ponds, kitchens, toilets

c) Tunnels, channels, culverts, and metallurgy and chemical fields 


Product Features

1. The fiber reinforced polymer adhesion layer of on the surface, make the coil can be used polymer cement waterproof adhesive material and grassroots paste absolutely.

2. Polymer cement waterproof adhesive material can fill holes and uneven in cement basement, both prevent the adhesive layer lateral water, and have the effect of auxiliary waterproofing.

3. The polymer cement waterproof adhesive material bond at the grass-roots level, construction is simple, can construct in damp basement.

4. Coil can be designed directly to use in concrete structure, can construct decoration on the surface of product which after construction, such as: stick ceramic tile, plasterer, etc.

5. Puncture resistant performance is good, can be used in planting roofing waterproof, resistance to plant roots puncture.

6. Anti-aging, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, safe environmental protection, cost-effective.

7. With polymer waterproof coating and permeable crystallization type waterproof coating composite to use, can form hardness with softness composite membrane. 

Production line:

Storage and Transportation:

1) Package in plastic bag.

2) Separate storage for different models.

3) Avoid direct sunshine, rain, keep ventilated.

4) Do not piled more than 5 floors together if horizontal, 1 floor if stand.

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