Dimpled Drain Sheets --HDPE Dimple Membrane

Dimpled Drain Sheets --HDPE Dimple Membrane
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Fuhua, one of the largest China manufacturers and suppliers, now brings you dimpled drain sheets --hdpe dimple membrane from its professional factory. Please rest assured to buy.

Dimpled drain sheets --HDPE dimple membrane  


It is a kind of geomembrane with dimples on the surface. The dimples can be in cylinder and semi cone shape. It could also be coated by non woven geotextile. The liquid and gas can go through freely between dimples.

drainage board (4).JPGdrainage board (6).JPG


Sheet material could be EVA HDPE or PE etc.

thickness from 0.8mm to 2.0mm

dimple height: 8mm,12mm and 20mm

width from 2m to 3m

composite layer is non woven geotextile

length could be made according to client’s request.


Geotextile Layer

  • SUPERDRAIN Mats have a GeoTextile cloth layer heat fused to the dimpled sheet. They filter out dirt & sand particles providing a free flowing drainage system

  • Heat Fused
    Heat fusing permanently prevents the geotextile from delaminating and blocking the drainage path, as compared to other glued systems

  • Variety of Sizes & compressive Strengths

    SUPERDRAIN Mats meet the most demanding requirements and are manufactured in a variety of compressive strengths and sizes for ease of use. 100kpa, and 150kpa,300kpa,also avail upon request

  • High Flow Drainage
    The drainage path controls the flow of hydrostatic water pressure creating dryer, lighter soil loads reducing stress on walls, floors and roof structures

  • Ease of Use, Reduced Costs                
    SUPERDRAIN Mats come in a large variety of roll sizes to ensure easy installation, fewer seams and reduced labor costs

  • Protective Waterproof Barrier
    SUPERDRAIN Mats are made from a tough long lasting plastic. They stop water penetration and protect liquid and self adhesive applied coatings

  • Application:

    1. Highway and railway waterproofing system;

    2. Underground waterproofing;

    3. Roof garden waterproofing projects.


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