0.2mm-2mm Thickness HDPE Geomembrane Anti UV Black Plastic Waterproofing Membrane China Factory Free Sample

HDPE liner geomembrane is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance

Product Details

0.2mm-2mm thickness HDPE geomembrane anti UV black plastic waterproofing membrane China factory free sample

Place of Origin:China
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number:FH-HDPE1
Length:50m,100m or customized
Packaging Details:Tape Plastic Bag
Minimum Order Quantity:100 square meters
Delivery Time:7 days after order confirmation
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/P, or others
Price:FOB Qingdao USD1.00-5.00/SQM
Supply Ability:1 million square meters per month

HDPE liner geomembrane is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installations. HDPE liner are cost effective choice for exposed lining projects. This product has been used in aquaculture fish and shrimp pond.


Long lifespan

Strong elongation

Good UV resistant

Superior tensile strength

Environmental stress crack resistance

Technical Date:

PropertiesTest MethodHDPE-Smooth
Thickness (min.ave.)ASTM D 5199 Mm(mil)0.75(30)1.00(40)1.5(60)2.0(80)2.5(100)
DensityASTM D 792 g/cm3≥0.94≥0.94≥0.94≥0.94≥0.94


Properties (min.ave.)

ASTM D 638 Tipo IV

Yield StrengthKn/M(lb/in)11(63)15(84)22(126)29(168)37(210)
Break StrengthKn/M(lb/in)20(114)27(152)40(228)53(304)67(380)
Yied Elongation%1212121212
Break Elongation%700700700700700

Tear Resistance 


ASTM D 1004 N(lb)93(21)125(28)187(42)249(56)311(70)


Resistance (min.ave.)

ASTM D 4833 N(lb)240(54)320(72)480(108)640(144)800(180)
Carbon Black ContentASTM D 1603 (%)2~32~32~32~32~3


1, HDPE geomembrane for environmental protection, sanitation, such as landfill, sewage treatment plant, power plant regulation pool, industrial, hospitals, solid wastes, etc.;

2, HDPE geomembrane suitable water conservancy projects, such as rivers and lakes of reservoir dam seepage and leakage, reinforcement, the canal seepage control, vertical wall, slope protection, etc

3, HDPE geomembrane in municipal engineering: the subway, building underground engineering, planting roof, roof garden, sewage pipe seepage control;

4, polyethylene anti-seepage film applicable garden: artificial lake, river, reservoir and golf course of the bottom of the pond, slope protection, green lawn waterproof, etc;

5, high density polyethylene geomembrane for petrochemical, chemical plants, refineries, storage tanks, seepage control, chemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank lining and secondary lining, etc.

6, polyethylene geomembrane suitable mining: washing pool, pool heap leaching, heap yard, dissolving tank, tank, the bottom line of the yard, tailings anti-seepage, etc;

7, low density polyethylene film applicable traffic facilities: highway foundation reinforcement and culverts of seepage control;

8, HDPE geomembrane suitable agriculture: reservoir, drinking pool, XuShuiTang of seepage control, irrigation system;

9, HDPE geomembrane suitable aquaculture: intensive, factory breeding pool, fish pond, shrimp ponds circle of lining, sea cucumber, slope protection, etc.;

10, HDPE geomembrane suitable salt industry: saltworks crystallization pool, halogen pool plastic film covering, salt film, salt pond Shan membrane.

Packing Detail:

In roll or as per customer's requirement.

Our packing is strong enough to withstand bumping and rough handling under normal condition. 

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