White/Green/Blue Root Puncture Resistant for Tunnel/basement/roofing/underlayment Ethylene-vinyl Acetate Copolymer EVA Waterproofing Membrane China Factory Free Sample


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White/Green/Blue root puncture resistant for tunnel/basement/roofing/underlayment ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer EVA waterproofing membrane China factory free sample 

Place of Origin:China
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001
Model Number:FH-EVA2
Length:10m,15m,20m or customized
Packaging Details:Tape Plastic Bag
Minimum Order Quantity:100 square meters
Delivery Time:7 days after order confirmation
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, D/P, or others
Price:FOB Qingdao USD1.00-5.00/SQM
Supply Ability:1 million square meters per month

EVA waterproof sheet membrane.

EVA waterproof membrane is the company relies on a strong scientific research strength, joint European famous waterproof material professional company research and development of new waterproof materials. Production equipment for rolling process automation production lines, through a molding processing. Since the launch, widely appraised by the users because of the good quality and performance.


1.Excellent low temperature flexibility, easy to apply.

2.High resistance to tear strength ,good puncture resistance 

3.Add antibacterial agent ,prevent the microorganism attacking ,increase of service life .

4.Excellent resistance to permeability, used for the planting roof widely.

5.It can combine with all kinds of bonding agent effectively

6.Excellent resistance to aging, its service life is 20-50year

7.Environment friendly, non-toxic

Application Scope:

1.Prevent leakage disposal in waste burying field or waste water or waste dregs disposing field

2.River bank, lake dam, mine remaining, reservoir, tunnel, liquid storage pool (pit, mine)

3.Preventing leakage in subway, basement, tunnel, hole

4.Anti-slot leakage in roadbed and other ground-ill

5.The plane direction laying of dam, the vertical direction laying for groundsill, used in the construction fence and waste material field

6.Used in seawater or freshwater feed field

7.Used in ground-ill of road, highway, railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess.

8.Preventing leakage on rooftop

Technical Datasheet

Construction points:

Substrate cleaning → preparation of adhesive (prepare on the site) → treatment of complex parts (or additional layers) → laying of composite membrane → water test → construction of protective layer → completion acceptance

1.The substrate (screed) shall be cleaned and sprayed with water to ensure moist.

2.Prepare the cement paste with the PVA glue solution containing 10%~15% of cement and mix it uniformly until there is no precipitation, clot and segregation.

3.The sealing material is polyether polyurethane. If any other sealing material is used, it shall not contain the mineral oil, petrolatum and other products affecting the chemical properties of polyethylene.

4.Add an additional layer at the corner, the internal and external corners shall be round until R = 20 mm.

5.The waterproof membrane shall be laid by means of full adhibiting immediately after the adhesive is coated to ensure bonding quality.

6.Lay the waterproof membrane while removing the air and excess adhesive to ensure close bonding between the membrane and the substrate or structure layer.

7.The overlapping width shall not be less than 100mm. the upper and lower layers shall be staggered for one third amplitude with the joints of two adjacent membranes. 


1. Made from EVA ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, which is similar to the thermosetting plastic, with good flexibility. Easy and fast to solve the problems at corner and pipeline is incomparably better than traditional waterproof material.

2. With high tensile strength, good puncture resistance, good impermeability, it's resistant to hydrolysis.

3. The using life will be extended because antimicrobial has been added into this product to avoid animalcule corrode.

4. Especially fit for planted roofing.

5. The product can combine well with many different kinds of binding material.

6. There is no special requirement for water content on base. The product could be used as long as there is no water that you can see.

7. After the process of construction, the surface could be accessorized directly.

8. Good flexibility at low temperatures, it can keep the flexibility well at -35 degrees centigrade.

9. The product is environment-friendly and non-toxic.

10. The product is made from EVA ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer as main material,reliable

performance, long using life, and can avoid be corroded by bacteria and mold.

Storage and transportation

1. Waterproof sheet should prevent insolation, drench, mechanical damage and heat in the process of transportation and storage.

2. Waterproof sheet should be placed in dry and ventilated ground storage, stacking height should not exceed 5 sheets height.

3. Under specified conditions, the storage period of waterproof sheet shall not exceed one year.

4. Waterproof sheet must not be in contact with all kinds of organic solution and harmful substances. 


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A: We are professional manufacturer, and we can provide the best product, competitive price and excellent service.

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Q: How about the delivery time?

A: 7 days after receive the deposit or LC at sight

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