Convenient Anti UV Protection Double Side Flashing Band Pipe Sealing Roofing Steel Aluminum Foil Asphalt Self Adhesive Bitumen Tape


Self-adhesive Flashing Tape/band is a self-adhesive sealing strip which bonds instantly to provide





Convenient  anti UV protection double side Flashing band pipe sealing roofing steel aluminum foil asphalt self adhesive bitumen tape 

Self-adhesive Flashing Tape/band is a self-adhesive sealing strip which bonds instantly to provide a permanent watertight seal in all climates. It is easily applied using hand pressure only, with no requirement for special equipment for cutting, forming or fixing. It bonds to most building materials including brick, masonry, slates, concrete roof tiles, wood, metal, concrete, terracotta tiles, glass, roofing felt, rigid plastics etc. Applications include repairing lead flashing, sealing valley gutters, mending leaks in drain pipes and guttering and repairing roofing felt joints on flat roofs.


Self-adhesive modified bitumen membrane with a self-adhesive surface of the waterproofing, sealing material, divided into with base membrane and without base membrane. And one side with self-adhesive layer and two sides with layers two kinds. The self-adhesive layer has covered with release sheept. The material of release sheet also has a few kinds. All the self-adhesive layers no need glue, just because the adhesive of itself, which is caused by the modified bitumen. Low-temperature-resistant properties of the product, and the MTR, tunnels and the scene of the fire with the best waterproof, moisture resistance and sealing materials, also apply to pipeline waterproof, anti-corrosion works.


1)top layer: silver/colored alum foil, HDPE film, Cross-linked film...

2)Mid layer: modified bituminous layer

3)Bottom layer: release liner interleaving(removed prior to use)  





Length (m/roll):   

3m/5m/8m/10m/15m/...20m (normal: 10m)  


paper tube inside+ shrinked film+ carton+ packing belt (with/without logo)   


Seal holes, tears, and seams in gutters, flashings, skylights, roofing

membranes, and more, as well as repairing roofs prior to roof coating


Production Line

Application guidance 

1.Vehicle maintenance and repair, sealing around pipes and tanks, repairs to weatherproof enclosures, sealing over wood, concrete brick most metals and some plastics,

2.flashing of conservatories and porches, roof skirting’s and parapet joints, sealing of skylights, vents, pipes, window sills and other openings, repair bandage for gutters and roofs, sealing glazing bars, capping and protective coverings.

3. Window and door, corner boards, deck-to-wall intersections, foundation and sheathing sill splash back areas, sheathing panel seams, under stucco finishes, deck joists and other detail areas.


1) Cold-applied construction with no open flame and self-adhesion without bonding agent make it safe, low- carbon, environmental, and economical.

2) Excellent adhesive performance guarantees the integrity of waterproof layer.

3) Good rubber elasticity, elongation and shear stress. 

4) Good low-temperature property.

Storage and Transportation

Store the rolls horizontally between +5℃ and 25℃ in dry conditions in

Original packing.  Shelf-life approximately 12 months.

Fuhua, one of the largest China manufacturers and suppliers, now brings you convenient anti uv protection double side flashing band pipe sealing roofing steel aluminum foil asphalt self adhesive bitumen tape from its professional factory. Please rest assured to buy.

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