Building Material Black Spraying Bitumen and Liquid Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coating Painting for Floor and Wall China Factory Free Sample


The product is with advanced technology, mix modified anion emulsified bitumen and high polymer into A part






Building Material black Spraying  Bitumen and liquid Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coating painting for Floor and Wall China factory free sample


The product is with advanced technology, mix modified anion emulsified bitumen and high polymer into A part, and act with special curing agent B part, the final product is excellent waterproofing, anti-penetration, anti-corrosion.


1Solids Content≥55%
2Solidifying Time≤5 seconds
3Working Time≤24 hours
4Heat Resistance (120±2℃)

No flowing, no sliding,

no dripping


0.3 MPa, 30 Minutes,

no water leaking

6Bonding StrengthDry basement≥ 0.5 MPa
Wet basement≥ 0.4 MPa
7Water Absorption (24 h)≤ 2%
8Low Temperature FlexibilityNo processing- 20 ℃, no cracking

Acid, alkali, salt, 

heat treatment, UV processing

-15 ℃, no cracking
9Tensile StrengthNo processing≥ 1.0 MPa
10Breaking ElongationNo processing≥ 1200%

Acid, alkali, salt and 

heat treatment, UV processing

≥ 800%


1) Easy operation, quick setting within 3-5 seconds after cold spraying.

2) Jointless waterproof membrane, suitable for daily abnormal and complicated construction surface.

3) Strong adhesion with basement.

4) Environmentally friendly and nontoxic, without any organic solvent and stimulation.

5) Excellent performance, temperature resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, tensile resistance and hydrostatic pressure resistance, anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-salt.

6) Good extension, film extensibility, over 1000% of the elongation rate, ability to adapt to structural deformation, good elasticity, and elastic recovery rate of 90%, can stretch, good fatigue resistance of waterproof layer.

7) Good nail shank impermeability. The rubber in coating has a very good elasticity that can automatically form a protective effect on the pinhole.


1) Industrial and civil building basement, roofing and other protective waterproof. 

2) Chemical, electrical power and other industrial protection.

3) Diversion project, drainage engineering and water conservancy facilities protection.

4) Underground space liner and so on.

5) Volatile matter barrier and defense engineering.

Production Line

Package, Storage and Transportation

1) 25kg/drum, 50kg/drum or customized package according to customers’ requirements.

2) Store in a cool, dry, ventilated room environment.

3) During transportation, not exposed to the sun and rain, not collide.

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