Barreled Spraying Bitumen and Liquid Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coating Painting for Floor and Wall China Factory Free Sample


The product is with advanced technology, mix modified anion emulsified bitumen and high polymer into A





Barreled Spraying Bitumen and liquid Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Coating painting for Floor and Wall China factory free sample


The product is with advanced technology, mix modified anion emulsified bitumen and high polymer into A part, and act with special curing agent B part, the final product is excellent waterproofing, anti-penetration, anti-corrosion.


1Solids Content≥55%
2Solidifying Time≤5 seconds
3Working Time≤24 hours
4Heat Resistance (120±2℃)

No flowing, no sliding,

no dripping


0.3 MPa, 30 Minutes,

no water leaking

6Bonding StrengthDry basement≥ 0.5 MPa
Wet basement≥ 0.4 MPa
7Water Absorption (24 h)≤ 2%
8Low Temperature FlexibilityNo processing- 20 ℃, no cracking

Acid, alkali, salt, 

heat treatment, UV processing

-15 ℃, no cracking
9Tensile StrengthNo processing≥ 1.0 MPa
10Breaking ElongationNo processing≥ 1200%

Acid, alkali, salt and heat 

treatment, UV processing

≥ 800%


1) Never curing, content of curing material more than 99%, almost no volatile. Always keep gel-like after construction.

2) Excellent resistance to corrosion, high and low temperature; Non-toxic, no odor, no pollution, flame-retardant.

3) Strong adhesion to any kind of substrate, can be applied on wet substrate.

4) Good flexibility, high elongation, well adapted to substrate deformation

5) Strong self-sealing. The non-curable rubber modified bitumen waterproof coating will flow to the damaged place and fill full in it.  

6) Simple application by airless spray, scraper. It’s both ok to construction at normal temperature and sub-zero.

7) Compatible with other waterproof materials together to improve the waterproof effect.

8) Form the stable, seamless and complete waterproof layer.


1.Surface preparation 

Surface should be stable, clean, dry, smooth, remove water and dusts or loose particles. Inside corner and internal corner should be fix to round shape.

2. Additional waterproof layer application 

The additional waterproof layer application with reinforcement materials should be done at first at the external and internal corners and the roots of drain pipes. Apply the coating on the substratum, then lay the reinforcement materials, spray the coating on the top at least twice. The deformation joints and cracks should be covered by reinforcement materials at first.

3. Application of waterproof coating 

Rubber coating can be done by spray machine evenly, full coating cover the basement, with thickness in accordance with the design requirements

4. Water test 

When waterproof layer is completed, the water test for the roof should be carried out in accordance with the regulations. The test could be considered qualified if water test is done for 24 hours without leakage

5. Application protect layer

After completion and inspection acceptance of the waterproof layer, can set protective isolation layer according to the design requirements.

Construction Notes:

1. Spray gun from the surface is 600-800mm, and the base surface spray angle should be 90


2. The environmental temperature should be 5-35℃, rain, snow, moderate breeze above shall not be constructed.

3. Film surface occurs during spraying water analysis and the removal of air, drainage bubbling phenomenon is a normal phenomenon and disappeared after drying, it will not affect the bond strength

4. Curing time of not less than 24 hours

Production Line

Package, Storage and Transportation

1) 25kg/drum, 50kg/drum or customized package according to customers’ requirements.

2) Store in a cool, dry, ventilated room environment.

3) During transportation, not exposed to the sun and rain, not collide.

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