Single Component White/blue/red/orange/black/customized Color Weathering Resistant Polyurethane PU Waterproof Liquid Coating Painting for Floor/roof/tunnel/swimming Pool China Factory Free Sample


The product is flexible waterproof coating with isocyanate and Polyether polyol as mail raw material






Single Component white/blue/red/orange/black/customized color Weathering Resistant  Polyurethane PU Waterproof liquid Coating painting for floor/roof/tunnel/swimming pool  China factory free sample

The product is flexible waterproof coating with isocyanate and Polyether polyol as mail raw material plus some additives and fillers by poly addition reaction. By coating it on the base and through the polyurethane prepolymerization reaction between NCO Terminal group and the moisture in the air, it form into a layer of rubber waterproof film on the base surface, which are toughened, flexible, seamless.

Specification for Single Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

No.ItemsTechnical Data
1Solid Content≥80%≥80%
2Drying TimeOutside Drying≤12 hours
Inside Drying≤24 hours
3Tensile Strength (Mpa)≥1.9≥2.45
4Breaking Elongation≥550%≥450%
5Low Temperature Flexibility≤-40℃
6Impermeability 0.3Mpa, 30 MinsNo leakingNo leaking
7Wet Base Layer Adhesive Strength (Mpa)≥0.5


1) Easy operation, no special requirements about base layer.

2) High tensile strength and elongation, excellent performance to high and low temperature.

3) Thickness can be 1-3mm one-time brushing, coating film is dense, no pinhole, no bubble.

4) Strong cohesive force, no need other chemical auxiliaries.

5) Color can be customized according to customers’ specific requirements.

Production Line

Operation Points

1) Basement should be firm, smooth, clean, internal corner and external corner should be circular arc, diameter of internal corner more than 50mm, external corner more than 10mm.

2) Suggested coating dosage, thickness of 1mm be 1.3 - 1.5 kg/m2

3) Brush the basement evenly several times (generally 3 – 4 times), later brushing should be after solidification of former brushing. Underground building should be added reinforced materials.

4) Coating film thickness, underground 1.2 – 2.0mm, bath room ≥ 1.5mm, when adding reinforced materials between coating films, bottom coating film ≥ 1.0mm, upper coating film ≥ 0.5mm.

5) Diluting agents of alcoholic acid, nitro-group and water are prohibited.

6) Smoking and flames are prohibited.

7) Little sediment is normal, mix evenly before operation.

8) Construction site should be ventilated, no operation if raining.

9) Coating materials should be used within 40 minutes after opening.


1) External walls, basements, balconies, kitchens and lavatories.

2) Special buildings like granaries, civil air defense works, bridge projects.

3) Specially for the buildings where the construction conditions are complex and crisscross pipeline.

Storage and Transportation

1) Store in a cool, dry, ventilated room environment.

2) Shelf life is 12 months.

3) During transportation, not exposed to the sun and rain, not collide.

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