Environmental Friendly JS Polymer Modified Cement Based Spraying Wall Floor Waterproof Liquid Coating China Factory Free Sample

Polymer modified cement waterproof coating is environment friendly product, recommended by nation.

Product Details

Environmental friendly JS Polymer modified Cement Based spraying wall Floor Waterproof liquid Coating China factory free sample


Polymer modified cement waterproof coating is environment friendly product, recommended by nation. It is one kind of bi-component waterproof coating consist of organic liquid material and inorganic powder material. It is of high elasticity and high durability. Coating layer can form a high tenacity waterproof film, different pigment can be added.

Technical Datasheet

No.ItemsTechnical Data
1Solid Content≥70%≥70%≥70%
2Tensile Strength (Mpa)≥1.2≥1.8≥1.8
3Breaking Elongation≥200%≥80%≥30%
4Low Temperature Flexibility-10℃--
5Impermeability 0.3Mpa, 30 MinsNo leakingNo leakingNo leaking
6Wet Base Layer Adhesive Strength (Mpa)≥0.5≥0.7≥1.0


1) High adaptability to wet and dry base layer, not flowing on vertical wall.

2) Pigment can be added, color can be customizable.

3) High elasticity and high durability.

4) Environment friendly, easy operation.

5) Ventilation property, no bulking even on wet base layer.


The product is used in masonry, mortar, concrete, mal, wood, hard plastic, glass, plasterboard, foam board, asphalt, rubber, SBS, APP, polyurethane and civil construction(such as building, wall surface, subsurface, tunnel, bridge, pool, reservoir, bathroom and kitchen).

Construction Method 

1.Most suitable for waterproofing, seepage proofing and damp proofing in engineering like washing rooms, kitchens, floor, balcony and so forth. It can also be part of multichannel waterproofing projects for  roofing of GradeⅠand GradeⅡ.

2.Products of typeⅠ to apply to waterproof engineering in short-term water immersion, while products of TypeⅡ apply to the construction on walls confronting water or the  side of wall .When applied to long-term water-immersed parts, its waterproofing conformance shall conform to relevant requirements.

Package, Storage and Delivery

1.Powder components are packed in woven bags or paper bags while liquid is in sealed plastic bucket. 

2.Avoid rain in delivery .The product should be sealed and stored in shade at 5℃ or higher temperature. The liquid is stored in dry places.

3.In normal delivery and storage conditions, the storage time is 12 months.

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