Easy Operation JS Polymer Modified Cement Based Spraying Wall Floor Waterproof Liquid Coating China Factory Free Sample


The JS polymer cement waterproofing coating is a two-component water-base waterproofing






Easy operation JS Polymer modified Cement Based spraying wall Floor Waterproof liquid Coating China factory free sample


The JS polymer cement waterproofing coating is a two-component water-base waterproofing coating which is mainly consisted of cement and polymer emulsions added with fillers and other aiding agents by scientific formulation. The liquid compound hydrates with cement to cure and form a waterproofing film.

Technical Datasheet

No.ItemsTechnical Data
1Solid Content≥70%≥70%≥70%
2Tensile Strength (Mpa)≥1.2≥1.8≥1.8
3Breaking Elongation≥200%≥80%≥30%
4Low Temperature Flexibility-10℃--
5Impermeability 0.3Mpa, 30 MinsNo leakingNo leakingNo leaking
6Wet Base Layer Adhesive Strength (Mpa)≥0.5≥0.7≥1.0


(1)Polymer cement waterproof paint is a water-based paint, non-toxic harmless, non-pollution belongs to the green environmental protection product, is one of the national key recommendation of the material, can be used for drinking water project.

(2)The coating has high tensile strength, good water resistance, weather resistance.

(3) In the wet base construction and firm adhesion.

(4) Cold construction, convenient operation, basic moisture content is not restricted, can shorten the construction period.

(5) Adjustable color, has dual functions of waterproof decoration.


JS polymer waterproofing coating is able to be directly applied to wet or dry surfaces of various substrates and form huge area seamless waterproofing film.

The coating is tough, water-tight, weather ability, good durability and able to bond various substrates such as cement mortar to form a colorful layer.

The tile or mosaic is able to be installed to the JS polymer cement waterproofing coating as it has advantages of waterproof and adhesion.

No containing organic solvent, no poison, no harm, no pollution, easy installation and short construction period

JS-I polymer cement waterproofing coating is directly applied to wet or dry substrate and suitable for roof waterproof and maintenance of obsolete roof, the elongation of which is bigger than that of JS-II.

JS-II polymer cement waterproofing coating is better suitable for bathroom for long term soaking waterproof.

Construction Method 

1.Most suitable for waterproofing, seepage proofing and damp proofing in engineering like washing rooms, kitchens, floor, balcony and so forth. It can also be part of multichannel waterproofing projects for  roofing of GradeⅠand GradeⅡ.

2.Products of typeⅠ to apply to waterproof engineering in short-term water immersion, while products of TypeⅡ apply to the construction on walls confronting water or the  side of wall .When applied to long-term water-immersed parts, its waterproofing conformance shall conform to relevant requirements.


1. Prior to construction, wet the substrate with water and carefully protect the coating layers after construction;

2. Do not construction at below 5℃;

3. Mix with a stirrer evenly before construction;

4. The product belongs to a mortar product containing more quartz sand, and is easily to precipitate after stirring, must be frequently stirred during use to shun the layering issue.

Package, Storage and Delivery

1.Powder components are packed in woven bags or paper bags while liquid is in sealed plastic bucket. 

2.Avoid rain in delivery .The product should be sealed and stored in shade at 5℃ or higher temperature. The liquid is stored in dry places.

3.In normal delivery and storage conditions, the storage time is 12 months.

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