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Waterproofing Material HDPE Impermeable Membrane 2mm for Refuse Dumping Site

Jul 25, 2017

Waterproofing Material HDPE Impermeable Membrane 2mm for Refuse Dumping Site Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:T=2mm

  • Certification:CE

  • Surface:Smooth

  • Application:Environmental Project

  • Feature:Puncture Resistance, Impact Resistance, Tear Resistance

  • Material:HDPE

  • Color:Black

  • Transport Package:Roll

  • Specification:3*50

  • Origin:Shandong China

  • HS Code:39209990

Waterproofing Material HDPE Impermeable Membrane 2mm for Refuse Dumping Site Product Description

Application Scope:
?Landscape Projects: artificial lake,pond,the bottom of pond in Golf course,revetment etc.
?Sanitation Projects: domestic garbage landfill,sewage treatment,poisonous&harmful substance treatment,dangerous cargo storage etc.
?Water conservancy project: anti-seepage, leaking stoppage and reinforce of river/lake/basin/dam,anti-seepage of water channel,vertical core wall,lake etc.
?Mining Industry&Chemical Industry:anti-seepage of oil tank in chemical plant,refinery plant,petrol station, chemical reaction camera,inner liner of settling tank,secondary liner etc.
?Construction Projects: underground project of subway and building,roof reservoir,roof garden,sewage pipeline etc.
?Aquaculture: Inner liner o fish pond,shrimp pond,revetment of sea cucumber pool etc.
?Agriculture: Reservoir,drinking water pool,pool,irrigation system
?Salt industry: Salt filed crystallizing pond,brine pond,salt film etc.
Advantages of HDPE Impermeable Membrane:
?High anti-seepage ratio-HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent anti-seepage effect which the common water proofer can not compare, it's recommended in high anti-seepage request projects.
?Chemical Stability-HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent stability, resist acid and alkali,salt solution,oil,alcohol etc,widely used in sewage water treatment project/garbage landfill.
?Anti plant root system:HDPE impermeable membrane has excellent anti-puncture effect, it can resist the most of plant root system.
?Aging resistance-HDPE impermeable membrane focus on quality,it has superior aging resistance/uvioresistant/anti decomposition.
?High Mechanic Strengh-HDPE impermeable membrane has high mechanical strength, is the first choice for power construction project/water conservancy project.
?Low cost-HDPE impermeable membrane has obvious cost advantage which is the best production for anti-seepage projects.
?Environmental protection formulation-The raw material of HDPE impermeable membrane reach the related national standards, innoxious, can be applied in drinking water pool etc.
?Rapid construction-HDPE impermeable membrane can be laid via multiple ways to meet different construction requirement.

Square Meter

 Waterproofing Material HDPE Impermeable Membrane 2mm for Refuse Dumping Site Stadnards of HDPE Impermeable Membrane

1Tensile-strength  ≥14      ≥17  ≥25
2Breaking elongation%≥400  ≥450  ≥550
3Angle tear strength N/mm  ≥50    ≥80  ≥110
4Carbon black percentage%  ≥2  
5Environmental stress-crack resistance 20H - - -  ≥1500
6Oxidation induction time when 200°C - - -  ≥20
7Water vapour permeability coefficient≤1.0×10-13     
8-70°C Low temperature impact properties of brittlePass    
9Dimensional Stability%±3

 Waterproofing Material HDPE Impermeable Membrane 2mm for Refuse Dumping Site.jpg