Waterproofing Coating Must Have The Following Properties Are There?

Nov 30, 2016

Waterproofing coating must have the following properties:

(1) solid content

Solid share of waterproof coating. After due to the paint on the formed solids coating, solid content is closely related to quality of film thickness and film.

(2) heat resistance:

Means the waterproofing membrane waterproofing coating film does not take place at a high temperature to soften deformation, flowing performance. It reflects the waterproof coating of heat resistant properties.

(3) flexible

Waterproofing coating film into the film after remain flexible at low temperatures. It reflects waterproofing coating construction and performance at low temperatures.

(4) the impermeability

Waterproof coating in a certain pressure (hydrostatic or hydrodynamic) and leakage performance do not appear within a certain time; is the main meet the requirements waterproof waterproof coating quality indicators.

(5) extension

Waterproof coating's ability to adapt to grass-root deformation. Waterproofing coating film must have a certain degree of extensibility to meet primary deformation due to factors such as temperature, wet and dry to ensure waterproofing.