Waterproof Breathable PE Film Roofing Membrane for Steel Struction Building

Nov 15, 2017

Waterproof Breathable PE Film Roofing Membrane for Steel Struction Building Basic Info

  • Model NO.: RM002

  • Ceiling Tile Shape: Square

  • Waterproofing Membrane Thickness: 0.3mm

  • Function: Waterproof, Vapour Permeability, UV Resistance

  • Waterproofing Membrane Color: Grey

  • Name: Waterproof Breathable PE Film Roofing Membrane

  • Specification: customized

  • HS Code: 760720000

  • Type: Waterproof Roll Material

  • Waterproofing Membrane Material: PE

  • Ceiling Tile Type: Mineral Wool Ceilings

  • Certification: ISO

  • Usage: Indoor

  • Waterproofing Membrane Application: Roofing, Wall

  • Transport Package: PP Bag

  • Origin: China

Waterproof Breathable PE Film Roofing Membrane for Steel Struction Building Product Description

Laminated by one layer of modified microporous PE film and two layers of reinforced non woven.

1. Products characteristic
Excellent performance at water reisitance, particular funtion of vapour permeability, so called breathable membrance, good performance at UV resistance, tear resistance, flexibility, suitalbe for construction in different condition.
The 100% returnable polymer materials, fit the ecologist requirements.

2. Functions of products.
A. Improve watertightness of building,prevent the construction from the invastion of wind and rain, protecting the structural materials and equipments inside roof and wall. 
B. Improve the energy saving and insulation effect. Due to the unique water proof and vapour permeable performance, when forming the protection to the insulating layer,it can also effectively avoid the negative influence from the temperature difference between interior and exterior. Hence, it increasing the effects of insulation and energy saving as well as providing the continuously energy saving.
C. Shorten the construction period. thanks to the good water resistant performance, interior construction and exterior can be performed at the same time so that shorten the construction period, reduce the construction cost.
D. Improve the resistantial environment. Because of the special breathable function, the interior vapour can nature exhaust, will effectively avoid mould and condensation, keep dry, permeate and comportable indoor, improve the residential environment.

3. Application of products
Mainly used as underla for pitched roof and enclosure protection for insulating layer of wails.


Waterproof Breathable PE Film Roofing Membrane for Steel Struction Building Application procedure
Base plane treatment: Base surface should be smooth, hard, of no dust and no pollution, no loose objects, the base plane should be dry when using wet laid method, wet laid method require the base plane should be smooth, no leakage, no water.

Brush treatment agent when laying membrane, treatment agent should stir to mix well, pasting membrane after brushing uniform and dry, other process does not need base plane treatment agent.

Node details treatment: pipe parts should seal first, then paste the attached layer. Corner positions such as internal and external corner, elevation angle, expansion joint, construction joint and other parts of pasting additional layer. Horizontal and vertical width general ≥250 mm.

Waterproof Breathable PE Film Roofing Membrane for Steel Struction Building Pasting waterproof membrane

4.1 Make sure the membrane's pasting sequence and direction, play a line on base plane, then paste the membrane:

Unfolded paste method: cut the membrane in appropriate shape, paste it in opposite way on base plane and shuck off all membrane's isolation paper, paste membrane's one end at a predetermined position, pasting forward along the datum line, then use compression roller to roll on both sides , forward, so that make it stick firmly.

Roll paste method: shuck off all membrane's isolation paper and paste membrane at the same time, carry the membrane to predetermined position, aim at datum line, shuck off membrane's undersurface isolation paper, One end of membrane is fixed, Unfold the membrane about 500mm, then push membrane and used compression roller to roll on both sides , forward at the same time, In order to ensure that the initial bonding strength.

4.2 Lap joint treatment: it can be used lapping, abutting joint and welding according to different materials. Lap width is long side 65 mm and short side 80 mm. Using automatic crawl machine hot air welding lap width is 60 mm; Using 120 mm wide double-sided self-adhesive sealant to enhance processing when parallel butt joint, then make it become compaction with roller. Ensure sticking firmly between waterproofing materials, not only can use versa pasting method but also can use Mechanical fixed method.

4.3 Repair: it should be repaired when damaged, pasting broken place directly. Repair materials is greater than broken edges 100 mm and compaction, sealing.

Construction on protective layer: Surface protection adopt cement mortar or other lump materials, construction should be paid attention to protect the waterproof layer. The facade adopts polystyrene board or masonry protection.

4.4 Don't put the membranes on base plane which has pollution, water and ice. It is recommended to use double-sided or aluminum foil membrane on the parts of the protective layer needs to be done. It should do the waterproof layer at the end of last procedure, it can't cross construction. If you want to install equipment in the paved membrane, it should be taken to make additional layer of protection measures such as padded block.

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