Waterproof and Vapour Permeable Underlayment--Factory Sales

May 12, 2017

PP PE Waterproofing Membrane Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Material:PE

  • Surface:PP-PP, S-PP, S-S

  • Usage:Roof, Subway, Pool, Warehouse

  • Test Standard:En-12311 En-1849 En-1107

  • Tensile Strength:240n/5cm---320n/Cm

  • Elongation:300n/5cm---400n/5cm

  • Water Tightness:0.2MP 24 Hour

  • Heat Resistance:85 Degree 24 Hours

PP PE Waterproofing Membrane Product Description

Roof underlay 500G/M2PP_PP 1000mm 30m 0.8mm
600G/M2S_PP 1000mm 25m 1.0mm
1500G/M2S_S 1000mm 20m 1.3mm
Roof underlay 500G/M2PP_PP 1000mm 30m 0.8mm
With adhesive 600G/M2S_PP 1000mm 25m 1.0mm
Band 1500G/M2S_S 1000mm 20m 1.3mm
PP PE Waterproofing Membrane Description
Jianda brand waterproof and vapor permeable membrane is polymer modified asphalt based, with surface of high strength polypropylene fiber. Back side coated with self adhesive glue or antiskid sand. Made by special process. With excellent waterproof performance and breathable properties. 

It is used as the underlayment of cement tile, painted pottery watts and asphalt shingle. Also suitable for all kinds of architectural roofing, walls, underground waterproof and damp proof project.
With adhesive tape on the overlap for the sealing of junction, convention for application.
Excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, antioxidant.
Excellent waterproofing performance and encase nail holes.
Good permeability, can be in damp base surface construction, make the maintenance structure internal water vapor rapidly eduction, avoid effectively mould and condensing formation
Excellent tensile strength and elongation.
Large Surface friction, grass-roots closely.
No smell, no taste, accord with environmental protection requirements.

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