Top Selling OEM One Part Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

Sep 05, 2018

Top Selling OEM One Part Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: PU110

  • Color: Black/Grey/Green

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Method: Brush/Roller

  • Main Raw Material: Polyurethane

  • Substrate: Concrete/Stone/Marble

  • Specification: one component polyurethane coating

  • HS Code: 3506100090

  • Usage: Road Marking Paint

  • Appearance: Liquid

  • Components: Film Forming Matter

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Level: Top Coat

  • Expiration Date: 3 years

  • Transport Package: 20kg/ Metal Bucket, 5kg Metal Bucket

  • Origin: China

OEM China Supplier One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating 
Top Selling OEM One Part Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Product Description
PU110 is one component polyurethane coat film with high durable elasticity designed for application on substrates ,which is chemical reaction with moisture in the air to form a soft and seamless sealing film. 
Key Features
1. 100% Pure polyurethane based coating, completely environment friendly
2. Contain no asphalt, tar or any solvents, no harm to construction personnelFree from pollution to the environment, no toxicity after curing, no corrosion to base material, high solid contentOne component, convenient for construction, no need of mixing, unused products should be kept in good sealing package5. High efficiency: high strength and elasticity, resistant to acid and alkali, excellent bonding effect with concrete, tile and other substratesCost-effective: the coating expands a little after curing, which means coat thickness adding after cured7. All items tested exceeds national standard GB/T19250-2003
Typical Applications
1. Waterproofing for basement, kitchen, bathroom, underground tunnel, deep wells structure and normal home decoration
2. Leak-proofing and penetrating-proofing of reservoirs, water towers, swimming-pool, for Bath-pool, fountain pool, impounding reservoir, sewage cleaning pool and irrigation channel
3. Used for preventing of leaking, corrosion and penetrating for water tanks, underground Pipeline
4. Bonding and moisture-proofing of various floor tiles, marble, asbestos board and so on
Technical Data Table

 Appearance-----Humogeneous paste
ColorVisual inspectionBlack/ grey/green
 (color can be adjusted according to large amount)
Solid content%≥98
Sagging propertymmSelf-leveling
 Strength at breakMpa>2.5
 Elongation at break%>500
 Curing speedmm/24h3 ~ 4
Tack free timehour≤6
Application Tetemperature°C5~40
Shelf lifemonth6

Note:All data above were tested under special condition; storage condition has a direct impact to the products' shelf life.
Directions for Use
  Tools preparation: cleaning tools including saw toothed plastic scraper, brush ,plastic drum, 30kg electronic scale,rubber gloves and shovel knife.
  Construction environment requirement: sealant should be installed under the cleaning environment with 5~40oC relative humidity 35~85%RH.
 cleaning of substrates:substrate should be solid without loose materials; dry without construction on the wet substrates; clean without dust ,oil,asphalt,tar,paint,wax,rust,Non-Permeable agent,curing agent,release agent and film etc. It is cleaned by wiping out,cutting,polishing,sweeping,washing,scrubbing and blowing.
  If  large cracks on the film, sealant should be used for filling of crack ,and filling surface should be scraped with the level of film, after curing depth reach up to more than 3mm, the film can be coated on the joints.
  prime coat: dilute the coat film into 20-30% solution by using methylbenzene or dimethylbenzene, then brush it a little heavily or scrape it out by saw toothed plastic scraper back and forth in horizontal and vertical directions more than 6 times each direction,then brush the abnormal protuberance and saging place ; The coat is brushed homogeneously , the surface of coating can't expose the substrate in 3-5mins , the thickness of film coat is less than 0.5mm. The function is to clean the dust and air absorbing on the surface of substrate, improve wetting between coat film and substrate,avoid film bulking and rolling down,improve the adhesion strength between coat film and substrate, and avoid needle holes and bubbles coming out on the film .
       After primer fully cured, coat film start application.Pour the film on the base coat,apply the film by using the saw toothed plastic scraper and brush, scrape it out back and forth in horizontal and vertical directions more than 6 times each, then brush the abnormal protuberance and saging place, the surfacte of coating can't expose the base coat in 3-5mins. Don't apply part of coat film too thicky, after coating cured to form the film (about 24 hours), then coat next, each direction of coating should be vertical with the forth coat. In general, it should be applied 2-3 times when the thickness of coat film less than 2.0mm.
     Protective coating construction: if needed, protective coating can be applied on the surface of film coat.
Cleaning of tools: the tools can be put in methylbenzene or dimethylbenzene(strictly prohibit it to put in ethyl alcohol solvent), the tools can be used after cleaning the solvent. If long time not be used , it should be washed by alcohol or other organic solvent. The cured sealant should be scraped and teared off.
  Usage and Packing
    Coat film thickness is 1.00mm, usage is 1.3kg per square meter
   Packing: 5kg/ metal bucket, 20kg/metal bucket
   Attention of operation    Forhibit the alcohol mixed in the products, the coat film will lose efficacy seriously; All tools can't be used if has alcohol without being cleaned;    Film coat thickness is about 2mm, special part should be more than 2 mm;    When apply film coat, the coating layer's drainage system should be smooth to ensure no ponding on it during film coat construction;   Film coat should be avoid ponding,pollution and Collision damage before touch dry, pls don't construction operation on the coat film before it fully cured (about 24 hours generally);
  The organic solvent used for primer and cleaning the tools,and tiny solvent contained in the film coat, all of these are unloading inflammable and explosive goods, the construction environment should be in good ventilation.
  Write down construction record truthfully befoe operation; for the special project, please strictly operate according to Sepna supplied construction technology
   The cured sealant is non-toxic,the sealant before cured should not contact with eye and skin.
 If contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of alcohol and soap. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately.
  The effect of unsuitable substrate and harmful condition
 1. Unsuitable substrate including surface operated by unknown coating,wet substrate,surface touched by silicone, no clean and no solid surface.
 2. It will effect color of coat film if apply light color product from Sepna company.
 3. The curing speed will slow down in the less ventilation or low humidity environment;
Safety Operation Data
MSDS isn't included here. Please read TDS, MSDS and label carefully before operation. You can get MSDS from SEPNA or other distributors, or mail to service center sepna@sepna.cc, or call +86-400-882-1323
Warranty and Liability
All product properties and application details based on information believe to be reliable and accurate. But you still need to test its property and safety before application. The advices we supply don't apply in any circumstances. SEPNA don't make assurance of any other applications outside the specification until SEPNA supply a special written guarantee. SEPNA is only responsible to replace or refund if this product is defective within the warranty period stated above. SEPNA makes it clear that will not be liable of any accidents.

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