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The Use Of Non-woven

Nov 30, 2016

With the development of the textile industry, nonwovens enterprise in science and technology and policy of support, it has also made great progress in the research of, after so many years of painstaking research, has been applied in many industries.

Non-woven reinforced, isolation, seepage, drainage, protection and other functions, is an excellent rock and soil engineering materials widely Yu Jiang, River, sea, lakes, dams, reservoir engineering and power plant dam, mining, airport, cargo terminal, railways, highways, tunnels, municipal, environmental, and engineering, the main role is the cutoff and isolation.

1. reinforced the application of stable displacement occurred, restrictions on civil engineering in use for a long time, and can make a difference in the local soil stress transfer or assign to a larger area to increase friction resistance between soil and geotextile.

2. the function of isolating application of geotextile soil-structure separation of different, form a stable interface, each layer structure and play their respective characteristics and overall impact as required,

3. protective effects of application of geotextile soil or water, protection and scour prevention role to play,

4. filtration geotextile application can let water through, and can effectively prevent soil particles, so as to prevent soil loss and soil damage caused,

5. drainage effect of application of non-woven geotextiles can form drainage channels in the soil, moisture in the soil together, along the plane of the material out of the body.

6. application of seepage and composite geomembrane geotextile material to prevent liquid leakage, the volatile gases, protection of the environment or the safety of buildings

Further study of the fabric, the future will be applied to the wider space.