Self-Adhesive Strong Cross HDPE Waterproofing Material

Nov 28, 2017

Self-Adhesive Strong Cross HDPE Waterproofing Material Basic Info

  • Model NO.: RAM-CL

  • Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll

  • Thickness: 1.2mm,1.5mm, 2.0mm

  • Function: Waterproof

  • Color: Green

  • Self Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane Width: 1m

  • Patent Color: Apple Green

  • Classification: Self Adhesive

  • Specification: ISO

  • Type: Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Self Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane Material: HDPE Coated with Bitumen

  • Surface Treatment: Film Coated

  • Certification: ISO

  • Self Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane Usage: Non-Exposed Roofing&Underground, etc.

  • Length: 20m,15m,10m

  • Membrane: Cross Laminated HDPE

  • Origin: China

Self-Adhesive Strong Cross HDPE Waterproofing Material Product Description

1.    Product Introduction:

The RAM-CL rapid response sticky strong cross film self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is composed of a cross laminated high density polyethylene (HDPE) film, excellent polymer self-adhesive rubber bitumen, with dimensional stability, excellent thermal stability, anti-ultraviolet and bidirectional tearing resistance.

Its surface is coated with apple green HDPE mask, which is our patent product. This strong cross film is HDPE film by cross-laminated composite technology, with same transverse and longitudinal elongation, no deformation, aesthetic and more reliable waterproof effect.

2.Self-Adhesive Strong Cross HDPE Waterproofing Material Features:

(1) Excellent physical properties
1) More excellent nail rod tear strength and nail rod water tightness than ordinary mask.
2) More high tear strength.
3) Excellent tensile strength and bidirectional tearing resistance, good weatherability.
4) Good dimensional stability, not wrinkle, more reliable waterproof effect.
(2)Construction performance and friendly:
1)The roll material and structure are firmly bonded. Even if any individual leakage, leakage and destruction are also the same point, easy to maintenance. The characteristic "self-healing function" can make local puncture point self-heal.
2) Good adaptability to the construction environment.
3) The apple green mask. Compared with silver white mask, it can eliminate light pollution.
4) Good weather resistance.
3. Self-Adhesive Strong Cross HDPE Waterproofing Material Technical Specification:


4. Self-Adhesive Strong Cross HDPE Waterproofing Material Application:
   For underground waterproofing roofing, waterproofing and non exposed, open cut   subway, tunnel, water pool, water engineering, especially suitable for the no fire use projects; By the binding of cement mortar and the base, the material between the appropriate use of self-adhesive lap.

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