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Root-Resistance Waterproofing Membrane

Aug 24, 2018

Root-Resistance Waterproofing Membrane Basic Info

  • Type: Waterproof Roll Material

  • Material: PVC

  • Ceiling Tile Type: PVC Ceilings

  • Polymer Modified Cement Waterproofing Coating Certification: ISO

  • Usage: Outdoor

  • Principal Material: PVC

  • Specification: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS

  • HS Code: 3918109000

  • Polymer Modified Cement Waterproofing Coating Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll

  • Thickness: 1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm

  • Function: Waterproof

  • Color: Green

  • Polymer Modified Cement Waterproofing Coating Width: 2.0m

  • Sheet Length: 20m

  • Transport Package: Rolls in Bags

  • Origin: China

Root-Resistance Waterproofing Membrane Product Description

ZPV root penetration resistance of polymer waterproof sheet is a special root penetration resistance of waterproof sheet designed for the waterproofing of green roof system. The product is processed by the polyester inner reinforced technology with specific formulation and the modified polyvinyl chloride as the main material. Compared with other waterproof materials, it has great enhanced root penetration resistance to ensure that the waterproof layer will not be destroyed by plant roots. Meanwhile, it is closely integrated with the waterproof base surface, achieving a perfect waterproof and root penetration resistance effect. The product conforms to the industrial standards of JC/T1075-2008 Root Penetration Resistance of Waterproof Sheets for Green Roof System.
1. Product Features
1.1. The reinforcement inside grids greatly increases its root penetration resistance and ensures that the waterproof layer will not be destroyed by plant roots.
1.2. The new fully-adhered method further satisfies the requirements of application. The wet paving method may be adopted to directly pave it on the cement mortar, so as to make it closely integrated with the cement mortar, achieving a perfect waterproof and root penetration resistance effect.
1.3. High chemical stability, good erosion resistance and able to satisfy the waterproofing in various fields;
1.4. Great tensile strength, effectively guaranteeing the quality of waterproof engineering;
1.5. Good elasticity, low brittleness and small thermal deformation.
1.6. It adopts non-toxic materials, which makes it safe and environmentally friendly.
2. Applications
It is specially applied in roof garden, green roof system, garage roof, municipal virescence and other landscaping waterproof engineering.
3. Root-Resistance Waterproofing Membrane Specifications

Type Thickness (mm)Width (m)Length(m)
pvcPolyester inner reinforced1.2;1.5;2.02.020
Fabric + polyester inner reinforced