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Puncture-resistant Waterproofing Membrane

Nov 30, 2016

Because the traditional waterproofing roll-roofing and General polymer waterproofing materials, all types of waterproof coating are unable to meet the requirements of cropping system on the building, as these materials do not have root-resistant performance, are easy to plant root tips penetrate cause building damage and leakage, a direct result of "planting green building" system failures. Puncture resistance of a PVC double-sided compound waterproof coil with copper reinforcement as the root resistance waterproof, has a long history of resistance to plant roots (or Rhizome), puncture resistance, adhesion, good stability, low temperature flexibility and good heat resistance, chemical resistance and strong resistance to radiation, more than 20 years, continued to show excellent waterproof performance.

Puncture-resistant waterproofing membrane characteristics

1. waterproof and prevents plant roots penetrate functions, able to withstand puncture plant roots, maintain the waterproof function for a long time;

2. puncture-proof and does not affect the normal growth of plants;

3. high strength and waterproof layer is formed, and strong ability to resist water pressure and puncture resistance, slightly broken, tear resistance, fatigue;

4. high tensile strength, modified asphalt coating layer thickness, shrinkage deformation and cracking of adaptability;

5. excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, both hot and cold areas apply;

6. corrosion-resistant, mould-resistant, good resistance;

7. hot-melt construction, the construction is convenient and reliable heat seam durable.