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Polyurethane Liquid Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Sep 08, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:FH-PU

  • Type:Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Ceiling Tile Shape:Liquid

  • Certification:ISO, MSDS

  • Trademark:FUHUA

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:3208901099

Product Description

General Description
With unbeatable advantages over other liquid-applied membranes in ease of use and physical properties after curing, this series is extremely durable, and cost-effective, liquid waterproofing system that is free from any type of tar, hazardous or harmful ingredients, therefore of which the tensile strength and adhesive strength to wet substrate have been greatly boosted.

-Environment friendly
No tar or hazardous additive, ensure to be safe and healthy, cured to form high performance rubberized film, Solvent-free one can be applied into drinking water tank
-Cost saving
Higher solid content enable reducing liquid consumption for each square feet
-Superior quality
Outstanding physical properties exceed over international standard, especially the adhesive strength is superb
-Stable performance
Due to simple chemical composition, skillful proportioning and precise production ensure liquid to showcase excellent performance in weathering resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproofing
-No primer is required
Brush the liquid onto clean substrate, no primer is required, thus the safety and environment protection are dramatically enhanced
-Ease of use
No deposit, contraction or evaporation occurs; The cured membrane is tight, seamless and strong;
Vertical application undergoes little liquid flow, more convenient application and better cured membrane against traditional ones

Application range
-Waterproofing to building's roofs, exterior walls, basements, balconies, kitchen and washrooms
-Waterproofing to special constructions such as granary, civil defense projects and bridges
-Exposed color steel roof retrofit

Polyurethane Waterproofing Coatings (without tar)
(Below-mentioned data is our standard offer, other required value will be available as per your need)

(contain solvent)
contain solvent
ColorMilky whiteMilky whiteMilky white
Solid contentAbove 94%Above 95%99%
Recommended application rateThickness: 1.5-2.0mm
Rate: 2.0-3.0kg/m 2
Thickness: 1.2-1.5mm
Rate: 1.6-2.1kg/m 2
Thickness: 1.2-1.5mm
Rate: 1.5-2.0kg/m 2
Fully curing time≤ 24≤ 24≤ 24
Elongation at break≥ 450%≥ 450%-550%≥ 450%-550%
Tensile strength≥ 1.90 Mpa≥ 1.90-2.45 Mpa≥ 1.90-2.45 Mpa
Substrate conditionFully dry, smooth and clean, no dust and standing waterDry and clean, can adhere onto moistened substrate         
  (no standing water)

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