Polypropylene Waterproofing Coiled Material In Roof Waterproof

Nov 30, 2016

Polypropylene waterproof volume material upper and lower surface rough, no spinning cloth fiber is no rules cross structure, formed stereo network hole, for variety material bonded, especially and cement material in solidification process in the directly bonded, as long as no Mingshui will can construction, its integrated performance good, tensile strength high, anti-infiltration capacity strong, low temperature flexible good, expansion coefficient small, easy bond, friction coefficient small directly set Yu sand in the using, performance stable reliable. Is a nontoxic, pollution-free, green environmental protection product.

Polypropylene waterproofing membrane suitable for industrial and civil construction roofing waterproof, waterproof, tide, interior wall and floor insulation moisture-proof, insulating, pool water, channels, bridges and culverts waterproof, impervious, metallurgy chemical pollution prevention and waterproof.