Polypropylene Bitumen Anti Corrosion Tape

Jun 06, 2017

Polypropylene Bitumen Anti Corrosion Tape Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:Polypropylene bitumen anticorrosion tape

  • Type:Adhesive Tape

  • Efficacy (For Tape):Industry

  • Label Material:Copper Mirror Paper

  • Surface Materials (For Adhesive):Transparent PVC

  • Surface Material:PP

  • Adhesive (For Label):Adhesive Label

  • Technics:Offset Printing

  • Membrane-type (For Adhesive):OPP

  • Backing Paper (For Adhesive):Polyethylene

  • Color:Black

  • Film:PE Polyethylene

Polypropylene Bitumen Anti Corrosion Tape Product Description

Polypropylene fiber adhesive tape
Polypropylene Bitumen Anti Corrosion Tape Desicription

This successfully proven tape is the best solution for coating of pipes and/ or repair, due to its tenacious adhesion, mechanical characteristics, ease of use, good elongation and flexibility.

Polypropylene bitumen tape exhibits exceptional adhesion to concrete, metals and plastics. When adhering to porous surface it may be beneficial to use Flexi Seal Primer. The plastic nature of the product allows it to comfortably accommodate both substrate vibration and some movement.

Ensure surface is clean and dry. Prime porous surfaces with, primer 1027. Lay the membrane onto the surface and press firmly into place. Primer 1027, please hit here to know more detailed

In order to provide high quality products and establish a quality outlook with customers and market as guidance, in 1999 our company took the lead in passing the ISO9000 quality management system certification in anticorrosive industry. In 2002, our company succeeded in the transformation from ISO9000 quality management system certification to 2000 edition. And in 2005, our company passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. Passing these international standards and establishing corresponding management system
Have provided our company a sound security to manufacture products that conform to international or professional standards.

Base  film -- PP woven fabric --
Thickness for base film
Thickness for Adhesive 
thickness for total
Tensile strength N/10mm 200 ASTMD1000
Elongation at break % 80 ASTMD1000
Peel strength to primed steel  N/cm 25 EN 12068
Annex C
Peel strength tape to tape at   N/cm 25 EN 12068
Annex B
Impact resistance at 23° mm 20 EN 12691
Application temperature °C -5+50 --
Operation temperature °C -5+80 --
Shelf life  Months 12  

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