Polyethylene Anticorrosion Butyl Bitumen Tape

Aug 19, 2017

Polyethylene Anticorrosion Butyl Bitumen Tape Basic Info

  • Model NO.: T600

  • Origin: China

  • Material: HDPE

  • Specification: SGS DVGW EN23068 AWWA C209 C214

  • HS Code: 39191099

Polyethylene Anticorrosion Butyl Bitumen Tape Product Description

Polyethylene butyl bitumen tape (T 600)
I Description
The T600 series is Cold applied tape coating system for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines and waterproofing.
The Bitumen tape shall be applied after the primer by hand or with a wrapping machine

II Structure
The specification of the tape consists of three layers,
Backing:Special blend of stabilized polyolefines
Adhesive:Butyl rubber Bituminous Compound and Adhesion Promoting Resins
Interleaf:Antiadhesive Film Treated with Silicone
III Bitumen Tape Features:
_ Heavy duty butyl bitumen compound adhesive
_ Excellent adhesion to pipe and self
_ Flexibility provides extra protection at vulnerable areas
_ Excellent conformability and consistent uniform thickness
_ Easily applied with no special equipment
_ Compatible with common pipe coatings
_ Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding
_ Resistant to UV
_ Can be applied over a wide temperature range
_ Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness           
_ Cold applied
IV Bitumen Tape Technical datas:

Total thicknessmilASTM D 100040mils50mils60mils65mils
Tensile Strengthlb/inASTM D 100030(5kg/cm)35(6.3kg/cm)39(7kg/cm)42(7.5kg/cm)
Elongation%ASTM D 1000400400450500


Peel adhesion
  To primed pipe
oz/inASTM D 1000269(3kg/cm)296(3.3kg/cm)314 (3.5kg/cm)340(3.8kg/cm)
     To backingoz/inASTM D 100090(1kg/cm)90(1kg/cm)117(1.3kg/cm)135(1.5kg/cm)
Dielectric StrengthKV/mmASTM D 10004242.64343.8
Volume Resistivityohm·mASTM D 2572.5 X 10122.5 X 10122.5 X 10122.5 X 1012
Water Vapor Transmission Rateg/ m2 /24hASTM E 960.
Water Absorptivity%ASTM D 5700.
Application Temperature°F
-31-+160  (-35-+70oC)
Max service temperature°F
-40-+176  (-40-+80oC)

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