One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

Oct 09, 2018

One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: C929

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Material: PU

  • Certification: MSDS, CE

  • Usage: Outdoor, Indoor, Roof, Underground

  • Transport Package: 20kg/Pail, 36pails/Pallet

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Type: Waterproof Paint

  • Function: Waterproof

  • Color: Black

  • OEM/ODM: Acceptable

  • Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating Specification: 20kg/pail

One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Product Description
Single component polyurethane waterproof coating can be applied on wet surface and complicated projects with its unique mechanism of reaction by atmospheric moisture and the nco end group of the pup to form a seamless, strong bonding, elastic and flexible waterproof film.
C929 is very popular in china projects and involved many big projects in china, singapore and hongkong.It is very appreciated by many customers from all over the world.We can also oem for many big international building material companies all over the world.

Product Features
1. One-component packaging, ready to use, avoid unstable condition when mixing;
2. Anti-aging, acid & alkali resistance, high & low temperature resistance performance;
3. Environmentally friendly: conform to the harmful substances standard JC1066-2008.

One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Technical Index

Solids content ≥85%
Surface drying time /h≤12
Fully drying time /h≤24
Levelling property20 min
Tensile strength /MPa≥2
Elongation at break /%≥500
Tear strength /(N/mm)≥15
Low Temperature Flexibility-35oC, no crack

One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating Application Scope
1. Apply to roof, underground waterproofing projects and indoor kitchen & bathroom.
2. Non-potable water projects.
3. Waterproof of car park, bridge and bridge surface.

Construction Methods
Preparation →Substrate treatment → Detail parts treatment → Apply the bottom layer as treatment → Scrape single component polyurethane roof waterproof coating → acceptance → Cover the protective layer
1. The substrate treatment: substrate must be firm, smooth, clean, dry and free of sharp projections, all the holes need to be repaired by cement mortar, other defects also should be repaire
2. The details treatment: inside corner and outside corner should be rounded into a circular arc shape, inside corner which D is ≥ 50mm, outside corner which D is ≥ 10mm, brushing a layer of paint, and then non-woven reinforcement layer must be added on it and soaked by the coating completely.
3. Apply single component polyurethane roof waterproof coating on the bottom of uneven surface: first pour the liquid into the container, stir with mixer, the stirring time should not be less than 2 minutes, stirring evenly and applying the coating with rubber scraper.
4. Specific application: Apply the single component polyurethane roof waterproof coating to the reinforced layer which is on the inside and outside corner, wall pipe and other special parts, and then carry our large area application when meeting the requirements. Apply single component polyurethane roof waterproof coating on the substrate evenly by brush or rubber scraper, and then apply the second layer when the first layer is dry, the brushing direction should be perpendicular each other, repeat the three times of application in order to achieve the design thickness and to form a integral seamless rubber waterproof layer. Pay attention to avoid the stiff thing to damage the waterproof layer in the next application, so as not to affect the overall waterproof effect, if there is damage, please inform professional applicator to repair, and then continue to apply the coating.
5. Waiting time for application: the coating surface dry time is about 12 hours according to the construction site conditions, interval time based on the coating film is not sticky when touched by hand.
6. Sprinkle sand: As for vertical or large slope waterproof layer, in order to increase the bonding strength between the waterproof layer and cement mortar, in front of the final coating curing, sprinkle clean coarse sand (2-3mm in diameter) in the surface.

Main Points of Application
A. The surface should be clean and firm, repair flaw part beforehand.
B. Detail parts treatment: Coat a layer on the internal and external corners and the part of pipeline bottom, and then apply reinforce layer (non-alkali fiberglass fabric or non-woven fabric), make sure that the coating saturate completely the reinforce layer.
C. Application of basement layer: you may add some basic primer to strength the closure and permeability.
D. Multi-layer application: apply the coating on the substrate evenly, and then apply with vertical direction for next coating. The surface drying time is about 12 hours, the waiting time base on the first layer which touch to be non-stick, generally apply 2~3 times (or according to the design requirements).
E. The thickness of the coating should be 0.5~0.8mm.
F. Recommended application for substrate: primer: principal material = 1:2 (weight), apply after mixing.

1.3kg/m2 for 1mm thickness.

Application should not commence if the temperature of the substrate is below 5oC.

Tools and equipment should be cleaned with Solvent immediately after use. Do not use solvent for thinning except where a sealing coat is required.

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