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Getting Ready For A Placement Of Geotextiles

Nov 30, 2016

Geotextile preparations before laying:

A. establishment of GPS differential base stations, according to each of the geotextiles-laying widths and laying of count data entry of the geotextiles-laying ship GPS mobile stations, indicating the location of the block-by-block placement and positioning in order to lay the homespun ...

B. geotextiles-laying ship anchored position, the anchor position by laying 4 dumping.

C. geotextiles-laying support vessel on terminals well in advance, packed full of gravel (gravel in bags).

D. moves had sewed the geotextile to spreading on board and start penetrating into the pipe, good morning anchor with fixed rings.

E. dealing with geotextile roll over on the drum.

F. release the geotextile roll in the geotextiles-laying ship the starting side, in the starting side of the rings knot ropes, joining on a ship ready 4 small anchor.

G.-laying ship stranded anchoring to a shot on the edge of the starting position, position awaiting the arrival of cast time.