From The Perspective Of Waterproof Green Building

Nov 30, 2016

Green building is hot now, but many people are discussing what green building. A building must first ensure it is the most basic level of functionality. Green building is a building life cycle, reducing the consumption of natural resources and adverse effects on the natural environment, and waterproofing is essential for green building. Why do you say it? As far as the tonality of a building, a lot of people have reached a consensus, first is safe, waterproof to protect the structure safe. Not only is the use of its features, due to a leak of reinforced concrete after corrosion, corrosion after directly reduced life of the building, this case is also very much. For example, Dongguan has a floor, because the water that leaks a few years through expert testimony, the life of the building have been reduced, the court lost more than 1 million bucks, this is forensic.

Now how serious the leak is it? This is the latest zero leakage current situation in the national survey, surveys focused on building leakage prevent leakage leakage, households, public awareness, the survey is very scientific, top, how to determine leakage of basement, basement full of stagnant water, local water, current flow and so on. National extraction in 30 cities, 880 communities. How many households are there in every city, building, how many communities all have a detailed investigation. Finally found the six questions:

1, buildings leak too common, symptoms of leakage.

2, top of high-rise building basements, less rainfall in areas more prone to leakage.

3, 40% residents are leaking top household, age of household stand out.

4, policy housing are at high risk of leakage, and required special attention.

5, the economic consequences of the floor, handicrafts, seepage 6 of 10 affect the neighborhood.

6, nearly half of the residents did not know waterproof, lack of public awareness of seepage.