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APP/Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

Jul 18, 2017

APP/Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Waterproof Roll Material

  • Ceiling Tile Shape:Roll

  • Material:Modified Bitumen

  • Thickness:2mm-5mm

  • Ceiling Tile Type:Any

  • Color:Black

  • Trademark:Fuhua

  • Transport Package:Packed Into Rolls Then Pallets

  • Specification:1.0m*10m

  • Origin:Weifang, Shandong

  • HS Code:6807100090

APP/Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Product Description

APP waterproof membrane is made in the following way:base materials are firstly dipped into asphalt or thermoplastics(e.g. APP or APAO) and modified asphalt;then both surfaces are coated with elastomer or plastic asphalt; fine sands and mineral grains(pieces) or polyethylene membranes are spread or covered on its upper surface; fine sands or polyethylene membranes are spread or covered on its lower surface.

SBS elastomer modified bitumen waterproof membrane takes SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) thermoplastic elastomer odified asphalt as dip coating material, takes high quality polyester (PY), fiberglass (G) ,fiberglass & polyethylene felt (PYG) as base materials,takes sand (S) ,mineral schist (M) ,polyethylene film (PE) ,etc as surface,which is produced by stirring and grinding with special equipment

It has a good waterproof performance and aging-resistant capacity.It does not drip in high temperature,nor does break in low temperature.It is easy to use in construction,with no polluton to enviroment but a long service life.

Diffrence between SBS and APP membrane:

SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane is specially suitable to the buildings in cold area and to the buildings of changeable construction.
APP membrane is suitable to areas of high temperature and of strong sun-shine.

Where to use
Roofs; Pools, such as swimming pools, fire pools;
Subways, tunnels, concrete roads or bridge surfaces;
Sewage plants, garbage burying projects;

APP/Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Product Features:
1) Good waterproof performance.
2) High tensile and tearing strength, elongation and size stability which accommodates substrate movement and deformation.
3) APP Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane is better for building waterproof with high temperature.
4) Anti-puncture and rooting resistant, fatigue resistant, anti-corrosion, mildew resistant and weather resistant.
5) Easily operate with hot-melting method.

APP/Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane packed in rolls with plastic bags.


Roll Size

Rolls / Pallet

Pallets / 20' Container

3 mm

10 m2



4 mm

10 m2



5 mm

10 m2



Above quantities are only for your reference.

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