PP Mesh Membrane Bitumen Tape

Jun 09, 2017

PP Mesh Membrane Bitumen Tape Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Feature:Wear Resistant

  • Corrosion Rate:0.1-1.0

  • Thickness: 0.8-1.5mm:Width: 50-900mm

  • Specification:ISO, AWWA, SGS, DVGW

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:39191099

PP Mesh Membrane Bitumen Tape Product Description

Polypropylene mesh membrane tape (T 500)

I.PP Mesh Membrane Bitumen Tape Description
The T 500 is cold applied tape for both metallic pipelines and waterproofing works against outdoor bad weathers .

Backing : PP woven fabric cloth,
Adhesive layer: Butyl rubber Bituminous Compound

III .Uses

Waterproofing-Pipelines protection
-Waterproofing membrane for basements,substructures and flat deck applications. plazas, bridge, vehicular traffic structures, or parking decks overlaid with an asphalt concrete wearing course.
-Tough, high performance waterproof membrane for critical substructures and civil engineering works.
-Provides a vapor and waterproof membrane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts.
-Protection for wall ,floor, roof, corner, basement etc. to against from attack by bad weather, rain, acid alkaline salt
_ Weld joints
_ Bends
_ Fittings
_ Bare pipe lengths
_ Pipe rehab and repair
-Bare pipe length

IV. PP Mesh Membrane Bitumen Tape Features

Waterproofing-Pipes protection
-Cold applied.
-High resistance  to bad weather environment
-Good performance itself to keep dry
-Easily application &installation.
-Suitable for a wide range of temperatures
- Compatible primers
_ Cold applied
_ Excellent self adhesion to pipe
_ Flexibility provides extra protection at vulnerable areas
_ Excellent conformability and consistent uniform thickness
_ Easily applied with no special equipment
_ Compatible with common pipe coatings
_ Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding

V. PP Mesh Membrane Bitumen Tape Technical Datas

Total thicknessmilASTM D 100040mils50mils60mils65mils
Tensile Strengthlb/inASTM D 100030(5kg/cm)35(6.3kg/cm)39(7kg/cm)42(7.5kg/cm)


Peel adhesion          To primed pipeoz/inASTM D 1000269(3kg/cm)296(3.3kg/cm)314 (3.5kg/cm)340(3.8kg/cm)
        To backingoz/inASTM D 100090(1kg/cm)90(1kg/cm)117(1.3kg/cm)135(1.5kg/cm)
Dielectric StrengthKV/mmASTM D 10004242.64343.8
Volume Resistivityohm·mASTM D 2572.5 X 10122.5 X 10122.5 X 10122.5 X 1012
Water Vapor Transmission Rateg/ m2 /24hASTM E 960.
Water Absorptivity%ASTM D 5700.
Application Temperature°F
-31-+160  (-35-+70oC)
Max service temperature°F
-40-+176  (-40-+80oC)

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