Why waterproofing outside waterproofing of underground works should be used?

Nov 30, 2016

Paste the waterproofing layer in underground engineering structure of the water side is usually called exterior waterproofing, posted on the dorsal surface waterproof. External waterproof coiled material protects the main structure of underground works from the harmful effects of groundwater; waterproof layer can use Earth pressure pressing and and resist the infiltration of groundwater with load-bearing structure. Waterproof in practice has failed to protect the main structure, and must be on a separate compact waterproof layer lining structure to resist the infiltration of groundwater, sometimes need to set anchor bolts will be waterproof and support structure as a whole.

Thus, dug in and construction of waterproofing in the underground project will not use, but excavation construction of underground engineering, waterproofing must be used and cannot be used when external waterproofing, waterproofing.

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