Waterproof material industry market analysis

Nov 30, 2016

Waterproofing of building waterproofing has evolved from simple building, roof, exterior walls, basement and other simple buildings water areas, a high-speed railway, bridges, subways, airports, docks, tunnels, culverts, landfill disposal area. Is an important part of building materials of building waterproofing materials. According to the National Bureau of statistics data shows that in 2012 – about 150 billion. Building waterproof material in engineering construction market share will probably account for the total sales income of 40%-50%. Protective effect of waterproof material to take concrete, with more concrete for construction and infrastructure, use of waterproof materials also expand.

Building waterproof relating to building safety, building energy-saving and environmental protection. Leakage in architecture is a long-term national construction defects. Construction safety is a subject comes from the building-reinforced concrete. Reinforced concrete is not waterproof function, under the rain for a long time, rust, cracking of reinforced concrete, main functional problems. Waterproof main is critical to the security of the premises. Building waterproofing is also about building energy efficiency, energy conservation is our State policies, any insulation material in the water and dump the case will have a very big discount. Building waterproofing also relates to environmental protection, including landfills, environmental treatment, including tailings handling and other industries need to be waterproofed.

Building waterproofing awareness rising in importance. Only two products in construction materials inside the country needs national administrative licenses: 1, cement (about the main structure of the building security), 2, waterproof building materials (protection of reinforced concrete structures from infringement). Waterproof cover engineering, not exposed, not being aware of the importance in the past. 4 trillion into highway, railway, airport terminals, garbage landfill project started using waterproof materials. People upgrade their understanding on the importance of water.

Products structural waterproofing, waterproof coating as a supplement. Coil 70% of the industry share, paint 30% share. Main material is the main coil, coil which also include SVS and self-adhesive materials and polymer membrane, these new products are the future development trend.