Use PVC roofing waterproofing material node's processing technology

Nov 30, 2016

Waterproof PVC waterproof material is currently used in the mainstream market, in the materials of construction for waterproof joints treatment is also a under construction were given more attention to the construction of the link, that part of the process related to the roofing waterproof quality issues as a whole, here we just introduced it for a release node process.

Remember when in these places a waterproof construction, fell the same diameter, paste it in the bottom of the Cup with a rain cap on the pressure, site and roll with adhesive bonding, filling with sealing material around the chassis. And pipeline roots screed made of a cone, and sealing materials workmanship in compact, laying additional layer, and finally laying the waterproof layer, membrane interface using adhesive for sealing, metal bead banded.

In for pan water of construction processing when, its waterproof processing first added set a layer waterproof additional layer, its width in State surface peace surface Shang the for 250 mm, again Pu plane and corner at, then by Xia to spread posted State surface volume material, corner at made round arc, daughter wall received head cut flat, and layering nail pressure last with waterproof cold rubber material brushing a again. Corner of yin and Yang sealed after base coating plaster coating, angle side 100 mm, and then a layer of membrane attached, cut after the paving joint sealing compound to seal.

In order to ensure a good quality of construction, construction for the weather you want to select, it is best to stop construction but also in rainy days don't exist in the process of folding problems such as, at the time of construction on waterproof layer to ensure the waterproof quality stringent checks upon the screed.

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