United States permanent waterproof material is developed or used to ship the aircraft

Nov 30, 2016

Recently, the United States, Utah, Brigham Young University Professor of mechanical engineering zhuli·keluokete Dan·meiensi cooperation and her colleagues developed a new technology, it can permanently waterproof, water can also be super waterproof materials for a rebound. As long as any surface with a little structure, can achieve the goal of waterproofing, researchers say the technology could be used in the future to the ship or aircraft.

Any object whether it be a small tool or shoes, can use them to put on a layer of "raincoat" waterproof raincoat is always off, these items will always have the risk of being soaked.

Julie said, to make a super waterproof material, not just make a waterproof jacket, waterproof wax, new waterproof structure must be increased. Nature, the Lotus did very well, so in the laboratory of Professor Julie constantly imitating leaves waterproof structure. Super washable surfaces of a variety of forms, in her lab, using a bone cavity and also can be made into a base structure, water droplets will sit on top of it, like a ball.

When water drops on Professor Julie Super waterproof surface, spreading much like regular water. But like regular water is different, this waterproof dispersed water droplets on the surface to get together again until it bounced off the surface. She explained that the gravitational attraction between water molecules than water molecules and the gravitational force between the materials, and so gathered that before they cross the material back into its original shape.

"Traditional waterproof coatings to protect surfaces in the form of, and what we need to do is super waterproof surface, so we can't just focus on the surface of the water, we focus on the surface of water. ”

The waterproof material is widely used:

• Wrapped in solar panels to prevent its dirty, its clearance;

• In the bathrooms, toilets, pipes and so on to prevent water drops splashing;

• In the field of biomedicine, such as patient infusion syringe or piping in the seepage;

• Applied to ship hulls or external torpedo and submarine;

• In application on the wings to avoid freezes in the cold or wet environment.