Talking about the production of PVC waterproofing membrane in the design of key problems of

Nov 30, 2016

In modern waterproofing market, PVC waterproofing membrane with an increasing number of consumers, since the material has been well received by the market excellent performance, but in the design of production, for this product requires solving some problems, these problems relate to the waterproof quality of the products, here we introduce several problems needed attention in the design of the product.

Solve anti-aging problems. To solve this problem from two aspects, first plasticizer is added to the products in their toughness, the choice of plasticizers to choose high quality products, not to have effect. And in order to ensure the stability of the performance, we can choose the quality of stabilizer.

Through heat resistance, water resistance, high migration, low temperature resistance tests and access to the relevant information, tri-n-butyl citrate, purified Terephthalic acid dioctyl ester, chlorinated polyethylene toughening agent, plasticizer used in PVC waterproofing membrane to improve its elongation retention rates have significant results. For these products, we can choose according to the actual usage, and thus greater extend product life and performance.

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