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How to choose a waterproofing membrane?

Nov 30, 2016

If you are a developer, whether for real estate and suffered owner complaints of leakage? If you are an owner, have you ever been to the bathroom on top of the dripping water obsess? These phenomena are not normal, but because it is too common and is considered normal. Developer waterproofing lost confidence, people buy do not leak of the House is happy, so it was a regret in vain.

Leakage problem really so difficult to solve it? Reporters took questions across several major brand waterproof business experts, has been very firm answer: "of course not! "The waterproofing is an important part of architectural design, but the design team for lack of enough attention and expertise of waterproofing materials, resulting in improper design, is one of the main reasons for building large area leakage.

Therefore, experts warn that a design waterproofing, and pick the right waterproofing. However, waterproof material performance of a variety of different forms, different, higher or lower prices, and with different construction methods, therefore, selected waterproof material must meet the project requirements.

First of all, depends on the selection of geographical and climatic conditions. Real estate region is very strong, but in recent years many famous real estate companies in the South moved into the Northern times, experience of waterproof in the South to the North, must be acclimatized. Southern rain, waterproofing material selection of water resistance of waterproofing membrane, such as tires, glass fiber polyester modified asphalt coiled material or water resistant adhesive bonding polymer membrane. Northern cold, particularly in snowy areas, some waterproofing membrane could not resist low temperature expansion contraction cycle changes, premature aging of fracture. So these areas should use SBS modified asphalt coiled material or weld seam of polymer membrane, if the choice is not resistant to low temperature, should be inverted roofing waterproof material.

Secondly, different parts of the building, requirements for waterproof material and different local conditions, and materials. In one building, roofing, walls, underground construction and toilet water is crucial.

Due to the waterproof layer exposed, rain, wind and rain, so choose high tensile strength, elongation, good ageing resistance of waterproofing materials. Polyester polymer modified bitumen membrane, EPDM rubber sheet, p-PVC (weld seam), one-component polyurethane coating (with cover).

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