Garden Roofing System

Jan 16, 2017

It's a good idea to build a green roof in our own house. Because the green roof is not only the benefits of green beauty, but also bring multiple benefits. Such as providing leisure space, planting crops, providing small animals living environment. The water through the green roof can be filtered to reduce the pollutants discharged into the water body. If the water is recycled, it can save water. Green roof can reduce urban heat island effect, and effectively regulates the microclimate. The adjustment of the roof's extreme temperature can reduce energy use in the roof(refrigeration or heating). Even with educational significance, it provides us with the opportunity to learn science etc..

There are some basic requirements for a green roof with vegetation: Flat roof construction in accordance with the conditions of roof load and waterproofing, and the roof slope is less than or equal to 15 degrees slope construction. The specific capacity of the roof also need to find a professional structural engineer accounting. Fuhua Waterproof can let you have some basic cases:

This figure shows the structure of the typical green roof, no matter what kind of green roof these are essential. Filter layer is actually geotextile, mainly to filter sand, then enter the drainage layer, the water into the diversion channel. Here is a protective layer,  No matter what kind of roof structure must have, because this is the protection of the waterproof layer below, to prevent any external crack. Then it's the roof structure, sometimes you can add a layer of three plywood between the roof structure and the waterproof layer. Specific practices are similar, the following can be used as reference: 

Of course, for different roof conditions, it could have a more complex structure:

Here more than a layer of erosion control blanket is to prevent soil erosion of an engineered structure cushion. The roof structure is more inclined than the ordinary roof, so here's a solid cushion. The bottom layer is three plywood, mainly in order to better combine the above waterproof layer( usually bitumen waterproof membrane).Another example is this:

But the roof you can see at the bottom of the three layers of the structure are special. Ordinary residential housing will not take into account, because it did outside of the insulation layer. The bottom is a structure of three plywood, then the anti-vapor layer, above there is a layer of isolation(In fact, it’s the insulation layer).

Some public buildings often do green roofs. There is a school, making their flat roof to a green roof, and they planted some crops. Let’s visit it:

Fuhua has high-quality root resistant membrane, ensuring that the roof of the entire green ecosystem virtuous cycle.

Under my guarding, no water dripping 

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