Discussion on polymer materials for TPO's unique personality

Nov 30, 2016

With times and technology of into, China in all field also began toward hi-tech direction development, because if enterprise not transformation, so in this competition fierce of market in the, you of enterprise on no competitiveness, you is easy was eliminated out, waterproof industry is so, now in China of waterproof market in the polymer material of development very of quickly, this material is 90 generation early in European began appeared, for roofing of waterproof, in 90 generation late spread to has United States, and in United States market virus type of spread from, Quickly occupied the United States water market in the first place. Waterproof brand in 2003 and foreign such materials into China, also began the research and development of polymer waterproof material production, already with a certain scale. Explain the characteristics of the material now! Want to be able to help you.

We first understand about it of applies range's, this material of waterproof for building outside leak or but leak of roof waterproof or compared easy deformation of underground waterproof, this material weight compared light, not only can reduce weight and also can energy-saving, very meet China proposed of innovation type national of policy, also has must of earthquake effect, because quality compared light has, optimization has roof of structure, so earthquake comes will up to is good of effect, large industrial plant, and public building, roofing decoration is preferred waterproof material. This material can also be used to waterproof feature bathroom, water reservoir and so many hard places a waterproof the basement.

Then introduce the TOP polymer waterproofing roll-Roofing's unique personality, the most valuable is that it also has a heat-resistant low temperature and functions that can be welded, combines the advantages of both materials and integrated, very useful.

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